Book Covers: Design Your Own Book Cover at Canva.com

It's important to have a professional book cover.  Everyone says so, right?

Personally, I know when I surf through books on Amazon.com as well as my daily e-mail message from BookBub, those covers matter.

Sure, we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but heck.  I DO.  I admit it.

My books all have professionally designed covers ... except for the one that I wrote with Terry Lenamon (see it here).

I hate that cover.  I created that cover.  I want to change that cover.

And now, maybe I can because Canva is coming to help me!!

Here are two examples of the FREE book cover designs offered at Canva.com -- there's lots more, and prices for those that aren't free start at $1.00.

Canva's Book Cover Templates

At Canva.com, there is a new offering:  book covers.  Check them out here.  Oh, it's great stuff.

Not only do they have designs that you can use, or that you can change as you like, they also have the basic skeleton to use if you want to upload your own images, use your own fonts, etc.

Some are free.  Others cost you a buck.

Yes, you read that right: one buck.  Uno

It's sweet.  And it looks like lotsa fun.  (They have tutorials, too.) 

I'm going to be playing around with Canva's book cover options over the weekend.  Thought I'd share -- and hopefully, I'll have a better cover for the Death Penalty book too!

Gotta love (LOVE) Canva.com....