Debut: 2 New Magazines 4 Lawyers

From Meg at Wooden Horse Publishing, scoop on two new magazines focusing upon lawyers as their readership:

"PRECEDENT mixes law and lifestyle, offering features on legal news, gossip,
profiles, and fashion and style. Melissa Kluger is editor of this
quarterly Law and Style Media publication, which debuts October 19. 10,000
copies will be mailed to Toronto lawyers and is available by subscription...

"ASSOCIATES is a new Canadian magazine targeting young lawyers and will
appear quarterly starting in 2008. Publisher CLB Media (CANADIAN LAWYER)
bills it as being "sophisticated, lively and somewhat irreverent." It will
go to 10,000 law firm associates nationally. A "preview issue" will be
mailed this week, same as PRECEDENT (above) and with the same target

For more on Precedent, check out the Law & Style Media blog ....and you might want to check out an article discussing how the two are directly competing with each other at Canada.com.

Image shown above: cover of Precedent as shown at Law & Style Media -- this first issue hits the stands on October 19th. Of course, this new mag isn't to be confused with the bi-monthly offering of the Australian Lawyers' Alliance, also called Precedent.