My E-Book Road: 6 - Amazon Looking Good

Well, well, well.

Amazon seems to have a method in its madness, and maybe self-publishing through Amazon makes more sense than ebooks ...
check out my post over on Rebecca Kennedy.

In a nutshell, Amazon is looking to cut out all the middlemen with a future where it's just Amazon and its authors. Means lots more money in the author's pocket.

And, Amazon purportedly will be targeting self-publishing authors first -- get them into the Amazon fold, and then Amazon is allegedly going to go head to head with the traditional publishing houses.

Now, all the BookSurge and CreateSpace and Kindle information is making much more sense ....


My E-Book Road: 5 - Amazon.Com's CreateSpace

Looky, looky. Amazon.com has its own self-publishing company, CreateSpace, where trade paperbacks are created from pdf files. They supply an ISBN, or you provide one.

Not the same as an e-book, but something to think about as I ponder my project (see My E-Book Road: Introduction).

I'm wondering how CreateSpace product is treated on Amazon.Com ... and is this a very simple, fast way to get your product onto Amazon?

Costs, quality questions and much more at the CreateSpace site.