Could Evernote Help You As You Write Your Blog Posts? I Think So.

A software guru that I respect recommended Evernote to me last month as a time-saving bit of software and I’ve been working with it for around a month now. 
I like it, maybe you will too.  You’ve got to like the price:  the basic version is free.   
So What is Evernote?
Evernote is software that you download onto your hard drive and it pops up in your internet search engine:  IE, Firefox, Chrome, whatever.  There’s also a little icon on your desktop; all this coordinates to provide you a platform for organizing stuff you find on the web.  You can save different things: the url for the webpage; an excerpt or article on that page; or you can store the complete page from its banner ads to its boilerplate footers.
Of course, it also works on your phone and your other stuff too.  Sync smart.
For the description the Evernote folk provide, go here.
What Have I Found?  It’s Easy and Fast, and There’s a Size Limit for the Free Version
I’m still trying out all its bells and whistles but I know Evernote is a keeper, and for those who write blog posts regularly, I think it’s a good tool to have in your toolbox, too. 
I’m not using the notes feature, but I have been routinely clicking on the green elephant to save stuff that I find on the web that I want to use in future blog posts for myself as well as forwarding to clients for their consideration in their posting. 
For example, I don’t have a lot of interest in blogging about the latest developments in the legal battles involving Florida’s disgraced attorney, David J. Stern and his foreclosure-focused law firm, but I have a client that is very interested in this stuff.  When I read an interesting article about the latest acts that the Florida AG was undertaking, I thought this might good for my client and quickly hit the elephant button.  Saved the url. 
Zip zip. 
No bookmarking.  Hate to clutter my bookmarks with this stuff.
No notes either on paper or on my PC’s sticky notes or on my iGoogle page.
I was back surfing almost immediately.
Bottom line, I am finding Evernote fast and easy to use for saving web stuff that I might want to use later.  The little button is the big help.
For more on Evernote, check out their descriptions of its various functions as well as watch their cool videos on things like Evernote Clearly, Evernote Food, Evernote Hello, Evernote Peek, and other freebies they offer.  
For what other users think as well as techie experts, check out the reviews of Evernote on CNET and AppBrain.
Oh, and Evernote was one of the top apps recommended by the New York Times last year – if you want to read old news.