IE 10 is Coming. And I Just Downloaded IE9 (With Its Kinks)

This past week, I upgraded to Internet Explorer 9.  Then, almost immediately thereafter, ZDNET reported that Microsoft was sending out IE9 as a Windows Update, so I wasn't exactly ahead of the crowd here.  Still, I was somewhat techno-proud.  You know what I mean.

Which, of course, meant that the inevitable time-eating kinks would pop up.  This time, I discovered that IE9 had a problem with secure sites.  I had to use Firefox to enter various client blogs and things to edit, optimize, fiddle, etc.  Annoying.  Fixable.

Today, I learn that IE9 is so shortlived that we're already being told to get ready for Internet Explorer 10.  That's right.  Ten. It's only been four weeks, Microsoft!  Four weeks!

PCMag has all the details, along with screenshots from Microsoft describing how really and truly great IE10 is going to be. 

Now, I admit:  IE9, so far, is nicer than IE8 (or 7, or 6, or whatever).  (The experts agree.) I particularly like the increase in space for me.  I just hate the Kink Hurdle. 

According to PCMag, it's gonna be a little bit of time before I have to worry about IE10 - but geez.  They could have waited a little bit before making this big announcement.

It's like going out and buying your swanky new car, and then two weeks later the car maker unveils that your make and model will have a whole new design next year.  You feel so old news.