Web 2.0 for Lawyers - What Is "Social Media" for Law Firms and Why Bother?

Web 2.0, otherwise known as "social media," is the second generation of internet marketing, where legal service providers communicate directly with clients and potential customers, building personal relationships as well as growing a web presence and expanding their brand and business reputation. For attorneys and law firms, Web 2.0 can be a unique marketing opportunity.

Blogs ("Blawgs"), Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn

There are various components to Web 2.0; however, for the legal profession, the top four internet social media platforms are: (1) blogging; (2) micro-blogging via Twitter™; and the interactive websites of both (3) Facebook™ and (4) LinkedIn™. Currently, most law firms prefer the more professional atmosphere of LinkedIn™ to the privacy-challenged Facebook™, but many firms are taking advantage of the Facebook™ option of creating a "company page" on the Facebook™ site.

Why do law firms spend valuable time and money on social media?

Through social media, law firms (and individual attorneys) can do four important marketing tasks:

(1) build their brand;
(2) market their business to potential clients and referring attorneys;
(3) network with colleagues; and
(4) gather and share information regarding their practice areas and specialties.

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