Lonely at the Keyboard in 2015: Updated List of Online Writer Chats and Forums

In November 2007, I wrote a short blog post entitled, "Lonely at the Keyboard: Online Writer Chats and Forums," with a list of places on the web offering communication and camaraderie for writers (hopefully).   It's remained among my Top 5 Most Read Posts every week for years now.

8 Years in the Top 5 Posts: What's That Mean? 

Writing is work, and it's a lonely job.  We know it, you and me.  Still, the fact that this Lonely at the Keyboard post is  coming up on its 8th year anniversary and it's held in the Top Five is telling me something, I'm thinking.

Actually, it sorta worries me.  Makes me sad.

So, Dear Reader and Lonely Writer, hello.  Yoo Hoo!!!  Hey There! 

First thing I'm doing is I'm updating that link list with links that work (lots of those listed in the 2007 post have not survived).

Ye Gads, I hit on the first link and it was all Japanese (I think).  Wo Nellie.

And, I'm changing the tone of my blog here -- I'm going to try and post more often, to share more personal stuff and fun things rather than my standard fare.

I kept thinking that I needed to maintain some kind of professional tone here, since its "lawyer - writer" and I share legal stuff but what the heck.  I'm in need of a change.

And Geez Louise.

You're not alone out there, Lonely Reader aka Lonely Writer.  There are lots of us typing at keyboards, drinking coffee, thinking about tacos for lunch.

2015 List of Online Writer Chats and Forums for Those Lonely at the Keyboard

Here's a few forums that I checked out for you.  Now, these are online forums -- if you want to go spend time on Facebook or Google Plus, have at it.  Personally, I like some of the communities on G+ ... the Evernote folk are really nice and helpful, for instance.  I don't do Facebook.

Writer's Digest Forums

Lots of stuff here - and the biggie, the posts seem to be current in lots of the categories, which means it's active in various areas.

Reddit -- Writing

This is really active but make sure and check out the guidelines first.  (Right there, in the sidebar.)

NaNoWriMo -- National Novel Writing Month Forums

Since November is National Novel Writing Month, the traffic is lots heavier here in October and November than the rest of the year, but there's lots of good stuff for you no matter what month you're visiting.

Great stuff from NaNoWriMo even if you're not committed to writing a novel in 30 days?  Sure.  I'm grateful to NaNoWriMo for introducing me to Scrivener, the writing software program,  It's changed my life.  (And it usually goes on sale in November, too -- hint, hint).

Absolute Write Forums

This is another active bunch, which I think is key: who wants to leave a message on a forum that just sits there in LimboLand?  There's lots of interesting stuff here, too -- when I checked it this morning, there was chat going on about Doctor Who.  Not your usual grammar / plot / character stuff of other writing convos.  Fun.  IS Doctor Who a hybrid?!


Unlike the Absolute Write forums, this one is targeting things like setting, character development, writing prompts, etc.  Good place to talk writing with writers -- especially creative writing.


I've included this forum site on the list because it's got a wide umbrella - poets and screenwriters may like it here, there's current chat in the Poetry discussions for instance.  AND they've got a Procrastination section.  Which I may be visiting quite often this afternoon, after I go get my tacos and finish my crossword.


Now, this isn't a huge list and it's far from a complete list of writer online hangouts.  But it's something to get you started.

Unless you think tacos are a good idea.  Because I do.

I think I'm gonna ask the dog if he wants to "go car," just to see him go nutzo and then we'll go get a couple of tacos at Las Palapas.

And maybe I'll run by the library and pick up the book they have on hold for me (Women Crime Writers of the 40s).

And maybe we'll go for a short walk in Brackenridge Park, too (before the tacos).

THIS is why I am up until three o'clock in the mornings sometimes, trying to make that word count. I expect ....

A Taco Norteno from Las Palapas.  It is good to live in San Antonio.

Have a great day, Dear Reader -- I hope these links help you!