Law Firm Blogs - 8: Turning Your Blawg Into a Book

News this month is Blogger has teamed with Blog2Print, and you can convert your blog to a paperback book.  Here's the catch:  each paperback will cost you $14.95 -- and that is for a 20 page book. 

Add a page, it will cost you another 35 cents. 

While I like the idea of converting a law firm blog into a book that can be used for marketing purposes, I don't know that this offer is cost effective. 

I think a law firm blog-book would need to have well over 20 pages to be impressive to a client.  Of course, maybe that depends upon the client - and the topic covered by the blog.

However, before I made any final decision I would want to check out the quality of these "soft bound books."  The image provided by Blogger Buzz (shown here) looks nice enough but I would need to see the product in hand before I made any type of commitment.  Of course, that offer of a pdf version for $7.95/each might be a really nice option here ....