Bing is up and running but I'm more interested in WolframAlpha

There's another "thinking" search engine for you to try out -- Bing -- and so far, I'm not impressed. Maybe it's too new, and it'll get better with time.

You remember Cuil, right?

Meanwhile, I'm keeping a closer watch on Wolfram Alpha. Which isn't a search engine per se ... instead it's a "computational knowledge" gizmo. Yeah, right.

More on how Wolfram Alpha is better than Google ... for some things ... over at Mashable. I like this, I mean why not go the next step instead of trying to out-Google Google? Isn't that Yahoo's job?

And, fine. I think I just like the name WolframAlpha. It's so perfect it should be in a Heinlein novel.

Pictured: WolframAlpha's one page summary.