Update on Yelp Review Case: Virginia Supreme Court Rules in Dietz Development LLC v Perez Injunction

The Yelp Review online defamation case (for details, see my previous post) continues through the Virginia courts, and the latest news is that the Virginia Supreme Court has issued its order in favor of Ms. Perez.

Regarding a request for review of the circuit court's order which required Ms. Perez to "remove any post that refers to jewelry" and "modify any post that refers to '... Summary Judgment' (meaning that the case has no merit)" to 'Summary Judgment (meaning that the case was dismissed with prejudice in my favor)" and that the defendants were to comply with these instructions from the court in any further publications, the Virginia Supreme Court reversed the circuit court.

The highest court in the State of Virginia has ruled that the preliminary injunction order issued on December 7, 2012, by the circuit court regarding the Yelp Review was "not justified" and that "respondents have an adequate remedy at law."

Read both the lower court order and the Virginia Supreme Court ruling - as well as the entire case docket with updates - at CitizenMediaLaw.com.

So, what does this mean?  Dietz's defamation allegations live to fight another day -- but the judge's attempt to limit damages has been thwarted (assuming arguendo that this was his intent in requiring references to theft allegations be removed from the online review).