Recommended Read: “ETrouble” and 4 Things Companies Can Do About It


Great article in Corporate Counsel discussing the risks of social media these days.  Etrouble, they call it. 

I read it via Law.com: “From the Experts: Your Company Tweeting its Way into Trouble? Four Steps to Safely Engage in Social Media,” by Judah Lifschitz and Laura Fraher.

Now, this article is written from the perspective of the corporation and the risks of social media upon the company when Twitter, Facebook, etc. is used by employees, etc.

Worth your time to read, even if you read it as the lawyer for The Man pondering the impact of free speech among the little people. 

Employers do have a right to wonder what their exposure is legally when their employees do things like the Starbucks guy who tweeted about “…shoot[ing] everyone.” 

Good read.