Follow the Lawsuits Being Filed Against Web Sites, Bloggers for Copyright Infringement by Nevada's Righthaven

I've posted in the past about Righthaven, and how they are building up quite a business by buying copyrights and then suing (without notice or cease and desist letters) for violations of federal copyright laws.  Go here to read about them.

Recently, I discovered a website that is tracking Righthaven's activitiesRighthavenLawsuits is not affiliated in any way with the company that has become a professional plaintiff.  Here, from the RighthavenLawsuits site:

This website is dedicated to gathering together and posting for Righthaven Defendants and the public information about Righthaven LLC -- the Las Vegas “technology company”that has been filing copyright infringement lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada (and South Carolina and Colorado) against numerous unsuspecting website owners (almost always without notice) for copyright infringement of news articles originally published in the Las Vegas Review Journal (and Denver Post) and purportedly assigned to Righthaven (sample assignment here) which subsequently registers the copyright to such articles with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to then file suit in federal court.

This web site appears to be current and comprehensive.  Interesting to me: since my post in July 2010, the company has expanded its activity into South Carolina and Colorado.  What will happen next?  Will Righthaven's tenticles creep into other states - or will other companies pop up in these other states as direct competitors to Righthaven?  Money talks, you know.