Writing Law Firm Blogs - 6: Law Blog Directories

Is your blog listed in any blog directories? And what is a blog directory, anyway?

Any site that organizes and lists blogs dealing with the law can be considered a law blog directory. Yahoo! has one. Google Blog Search (search for "law blogs") theorectically gives you one. Technorati doesn't have a category for law in its directory, but you can find law blogs easily enough with their search feature.

Then, there are sites like:

US Law Blog Directory
Justia Blawg Search
Blog Catalog

Consider contacting all these directories to request that your blog (or "blawg") be added to their listing. It's free, it's fast, and you never know what kind of traffic this can generate for you.

Successful blogging is a time-consuming process, covering many months. Little things like getting your blog into the directories can prove very helpful over time.