Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter for Biz Pros - The Debut of ExecTweets

I'm still new to Twitter, and I'm not sure what I think about it yet.

I know that John Tesh's tweet about fecal matter on shopping carts (which got lots of national media coverage) has got me using those free antibacterial wipes at the grocery store.

And, I know that it's somehow eerie to get tweets from Martha Stewart about what's she is fixing for lunch, and whether or not she's going riding today. It's almost like you know her, somehow.

But how does this work in a business environment? Tweets seem so friendly, so informal, so MySpace versus Facebook.

Well, today I learn that Twitter's addressing that issue with its new ExecTweets....

ExecTweets boils down to tweets from business executives. CEOs and the like. Talking shop.

Which sounds good in one way, and bad in another.

I doubt these folk are going to be very revealing in their tweets -- their lawyers wouldn't like that -- and let's face it: part of the fun of Tweeting is the silly stuff, like Martha Stewart's two pugs (Francesca and Sharky) who've just started their own blog.

I dunno. For me, the jury's still out on Tweets, much less this new ExecTweet business. We'll see.