Twitter Tip: What is a Hashtag?

Organize your tweet according to its topic(s) within your tweet by using a hashtag (#) - which is the number sign found on your QWERTY keyboard above the number 3.

Using this symbol (without a space) allows you to place your tweet into a Twitter stream that is filled with other tweets sharing that same topic.

For example, #Facebook in your tweet will place it amidst countless other tweets that are discussing that social networking site in some way.

Why should you care?
  1. Hashtags help driving trending topics -- when breaking news is happening, the hashtag symbol allows all sorts of folk who don't follow each other to share information. 
  2. Hashtags will help you find tweets that you find interesting on Twitter.  
  3. Hashtags will help strangers (and new followers) find you.  
  4. Hashtags will help your tweets appear in Twitter Search.
You can put your hashtag anywhere within your tweet.  Most folk (like me) stick them on the end.  For examples, just go surf around Twitter for a bit.