Crashes Happen and the Cloud Can Save You - Like It Did Me

This month, my wonderful new laptop with all its fancy bells and whistles along with the very latest in security software was attacked by a creepy little horrid virus that Shall Be Unnamed.

This evildoer was crafty and circumvented all my protections - even to the point where it would successfully reinfect my machine after I had jumped through all the hoops to get things cleaned up.

You know the drill. You can imagine the time involved here.

Everything is better now, and I'm back on my regular work schedule. The thing that I want to share - now that the danger has passed and I'm out of Panic Mode - is a lesson learned: it was wise to have everything backed up to a remote location. Very wise.

It was also very wise not to have email stored on the hard drive. (Well, copies were, but you get the idea.)

I had become arrogant, having escaped any kind of computer crash for several years. I've realized that in today's world it really is only a matter of time before you'll get zapped. Plan to be attacked now, and you'll be glad you did.

FYI - my security software? Norton.