Writing Law Firm Blogs -4: American Bar Association Releases Top 100 Blawg List

The American Bar Association has released its list of 2008's best law blogs, or blawgs ... and it's worth a surf through. Here's some examples:

Sweet Hot Justice
The Shark
Tex Parte
JDSnub Blog
The Pop Tort.

And that's nice to have - the editors have chosen entertaining, informative sites - but I'm waiting for the People's Choice Awards for Law Firm Blogs.

If you are blogging to reach the public, your clients, or your potential clients, then your readership is distinctly different than your professional peer group, i.e., fellow lawyers and members of the ABA.

One of the great opportunities with a law blog is to educate, inform, and build relationships with NON-lawyers. From my surfing of these award-winning blogs, they're writing lawyer-to-lawyer for the most part.