What are Hyperlinks?

If you want to be technical, there are different types of hyperlinks: absolute, relative, internal, external, etc. 

Let's not get technical.

Let's just go over the absolute basic information that you need to know if you are writing a blog - or adding content to your web site.  Hyperlinks help you provide better content and you should use them. 

What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is a bit of text that appears in a different font color, letting the reader know that clicking on that text will allow them to go to another website that provides information about the text itself.

Insert them into your post by blocking the targeted text and then finding the word "link" or an infinity sign (or sideways 8) in your blogging platform's palette; click on this hyperlink icon and a window will appear, allowing you to insert the url for the hyperlink. 

Why hyperlinks are helpful:

  1. Hyperlinks can provide support for your post (e.g., you reference source material, and hyperlink to its website).
  2. Hyperlinks can save time (instead of providing the recipe, just link to where it can be found on the web).
  3. Hyperlinks can build traffic for you (assuming that you are linking to sites or blogs that have traffic which may find you via the hyperlink).
  4. Search engine optimization benefits from hyperlinks; for how that happens, go read the posts here that discuss how Google, etc. search and rank.