Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 - Highly Recommend It, 99% Accuracy

I'm getting an updated version of Dragon Naturally Speaking today (version 10) for $30.00.  I highly recommend this product, earlier versions have been a big help to me for several years now.  I'm looking forward to its additional features (skipping between apps., etc.), and the fact that today it's being offered at 70% off the regular price is just a wonderful gift for the new year. 

How do I use speech to text software?

I use an older version of Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech-to-text software) for writing first drafts, as well as a great aid in researching - and organizing my thoughts - accompanied by OneNote.  It's been my experience that 99% accuracy isn't always true, 95%-97% is my usual result.  And that's not bad - spell/grammar check via Word, and the job of correcting those errors is done fast enough. 

Why use voice recognition software?

It's best use for me is saving time.  I get more done by accompanying my typing (I do type fast) with speech to text software.  I'm thinking that the ability to use DNS 10's additional applications will only streamline things even more. 

However, being able to produce a document without the use of a keyboard or mouse is very beneficial to those with carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, etc. and lots of folks with these physical hurdles swear by DNS. 

For all the details on this speech recognition software, check out my post today on Everyday Simplicity and the glowing review that the software package received at PCWorld.