Writer-Lawyers: Kelly James-Enger

I started watching the career of Kelly James-Enger several years ago, while I was still daydreaming about being a writer while setting at my law desk, and she was out there -- writing magazine articles for a living as well as books telling others how they could, too. Such true encouragement.

Maybe you've read Six Figure Freelancing?

Today, her career continues to evolve. She's written some chick lit, and appears to be having great success as a motivational speaker. Her website is no longer "kellyjamesenger.com," for some time it's been "becomebodywise.com."

If you watch FoodNetwork, you've seen Kelly's work albeit indirectly: she co-wrote Small Changes, Big Results with Ellie Krieger, host of Healthy Appetite.

From her site:

"Kelly James-Enger provides entertaining, motivating conference keynotes, in-service programs, and other group presentations on topics ranging from health to stress management to time management, goal-setting, and pursuing your personal dreams. She customizes her presentations for each audience, and is known as an entertaining, inspiring, and motivating speaker. Review some of her popular speaking topics or check the calendar of upcoming speaking dates.

"As a widely published author of books and magazine articles, Kelly can write, co-write, or ghostwrite for you or partner with you on the road to publication. Take a look at our full list of consulting services.

"Finally, for writers, BodyWise provides resources that teach you the things we had to learn the hard way, including a free monthly newsletter with our latest tips delivered right to your inbox."