Blogging Tip: Who R U Writing 4? Build a Profile of Your Readers and Write for Them, Not You

I consult with attorneys on how to write blog posts. Their blogs may be firm blogs or they may be personal blogs covering any number of personal interests.  One thing ribbons through lots of these chats, though:  lawyers tend to focus on the issue and not on the reader.

Which is fine, it’s what good lawyers do.  Take issues and break them apart.  Dogs getting every bit of meat off the bone. 

Problem is: readers may not care.  Or maybe they care about the issue, but they don’t want to read in depth about it.  They may surf right on by your great blog post. 

Here’s the thing.  You want to connect with your readers.  To do that, you need to know who they are
Thing about who you want to read your blog on a regular basis.  What other sites would they be visiting during their day?  Go read their content.
If you’re really dedicated here, then build a profile – one or more.  Ponder demographics (I’m thinking here of law firms who are blogging as a marketing strategy) if you want to get serious.  If not, just make a short list of characteristics that your readers will share.  Moms.  Divorcees.  Bankers.  Investors.  Brokers.  Foodies. Whatever.