Prenda Update: Judge Wright Clears His Docket for the Day, Hearing is Done in 12 Minutes. Wow.

Prenda Law latest:  the Big, Fat hearing that was scheduled in California today ended really quick when everyone and their dog took the Fifth.

The federal judge that had cleared his entire day's docket for this hearing sent them all home after only 12 minutes.

What will Judge Wright do now?  Here in Texas, I think I feel the ground shaking as his frustration and angers builds ....

For details, including predictions on what we'll be reading in Judge Wright's order, check out:

  • TechDirt - 1 (summary)
  • TechDirt - 2 (all the details from a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who was there, also seen at Popehat)
  • Forbes (main stream media's take on things)

Wonder if these guys know that they're waiting to hear back not only from an angry federal judge but also from a U.S. Marine who served in VietNam and then spent several years as a deputy sheriff?

Take the Fifth with this guy?
Wow, it's like facing off with Raylan Givens or something.