Preparing for NaNoWriMo 2017: We’ve Got 62 Days, People

I guess you probably know National Novel Writing Month is an annual event that begins on the first of November.  If not, you can read all the details here on its official web site.

Well, I’m gonna do NaNoWriMo again this year.  Yepper.

I’m Buying New Pens

It’s just for fun.  Last year, I wrote my stuff by hand and that was even more of a blast.  I got to use all sorts of pens

Elmore Leonard and Nelson DeMille are two of my favorite writers.  They handwrite their stuff.  I could say that I’m using pen and paper because of their influence, but it would be a filthy lie.  I like that they handwrite their stuff.  I do. 

But I just love using pens and writing in cursive.  It makes me happy to play around with different kinds of pens, even a fine tip Sharpie or two.  And it’s an excuse to buy some more … I need them for NaNoWriMo. 

Must. Buy. Pens. 

(I worry about how abnormal I sound to you right now…. Sorta.)

Oh, and I figured out how to bind everything together using those Happy Planner discs.  This is great.  I can gather the pix I’ve torn out to remind me of settings, or maps I’ve created, or just anything … and pile it all together with the handwritten pages.  Which may well end up on all kinds of paper. 

This disc binding system is a big deal for me.  Really makes NaNoWriMo so much better. 

Plus the stuff I research. 

Last year, I learned a lot about tsunamis, because I had so many subplots going that I just drowned a whole lot of them in one fell swoop.  Felt good.  Felt REAL good.

I’m Researching Tornadoes

So, this year I’m already researching tornadoes.  Have you ever watched those storm chaser videos of the El Reno tornado in Oklahoma?  Wow, that was one scary monster. 

(And no, even after Hurricane Harvey I’m sticking with tornadoes.  Why? Tornadoes are sudden -- a hurricane would give my characters too much warning.  They might scream less. And more might live.  (I guess I have a dark side.))

Here, you watch that El Reno tornado for yourself.  Wowzer.

More later.  I’m off to Amazon to see what pens are on sale and to buy those extra big discs that are the size of small dessert plates.  Maybe in pink.