Google Public Alerts Debuts: Help in Emergencies

Just when you're getting used to those Google privacy debates, here comes another helpful effort by Google:  Google Public Alerts.

What Google has done is create a platform to share emergency news (public safety, big storms like earthquakes and hurricanes, etc.) over a big huge Google Map of the world.  The map flags the spot, information is provided in the margin with links, of course.

Go here to check it out.

Google plans on adding more as time goes on, of course.  Speaking for advocates against child abuse and child neglect, having Google Public Alerts of Amber Alerts in the future would be a good thing.  Presumably, Google will also be adding these emergency notifications to places like its Everything Search, maybe even gMail for the area affected. 

This new Google Alert system is specifically for emergency situations and, in fact, is being run by the "Google Crisis Response team."

They are asking for feedback, so feel free to provide them some.  I would think that attorneys might have lots of input here - as well as emergency personnel, etc. - on how Google can provide better and broader information for those in the midst of an emergency situation. 

To share a thought or comment, go to their "Feedback" tab at the lower right corner of the Public Alerts page.