My Blog Posts Get Top Spots in Google Search Results Consistently Over Time

This afternoon, I stopped to check the stats for my personal blogs and found some nice results. I do this a lot, but today I actually stopped to make a little tally.

I've listed some of them here, and these searches are accurate as of today's date - using only Google. I have results in Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, etc. but I chose only to check Google Search Results and only through the past couple of days results as recorded by StatCounter. For some, I saved the search results in OneNote, but this got to be time-consuming so I didn't do this for everything on the list.

And while I write professionally for several blogs/blawgs, these results are only for my personal blogs - as well as a little tidbit at the end where I blogged for a couple of friends and kept track on StatCounter for them, too. No waiver of client confidentiality here.

The biggest search result?
2 out of 1.75 billion for a two month old post

1,750,000,000 and my post is number two, after being published in June 2009 (see no. 1 under Backseat Lawyer).

The second largest search result?
3 out of 77 million for a 3 year old post

77,300,000 and my post is number three, after being published in August 2006 (it's three years old) (see no. 5 under Rebecca Kennedy's Blog).

Oldest post still getting strong results?

The 2005 post that still ranks no. 7 out of 23,400,000 -- see no. 4 listed under Rebecca Kennedy's Blog.

Google Search Results - Backseat Lawyer

1. my post is no. 2 out of 1,750,000,000 (yes, that's billion) for the search "how will michael jackson death affect his life insurance pay out"- I published it on 06/28/09;

2. my post is no. 1 out of 5,120,000 for the search "casey anthony employment universal"- I pubished it on 08/09/08;

3. my post is no. 8 out of 2,620,000 for the search "billings murder fla" - I published it on 07/23/09;

4. My post is no. 5 out of 1,320,000 for the search "jose baez", published on 01/15/09; and

5. the same post regarding "jose baez" is no. 3 out of 894,000 for the search "jose baez bio" - I published it on 01/15/09.

Google Search Results for Rebecca Kennedy's Blog

1. my post is no. 3 out of 49,700,000 for the search "thriller vs. mystery"- I published it on 11/24/06;

2. my post is no. 1 out of 33,200,000 for the search "how to write a book in six weeks"- I published it on 09/16/06;

3. the same post as above is no. 2 out of 28,300,000 for the search "how to write a book in two weeks"- I published it on 09/16/06;

4. my post is no. 7 out of 23,400,000 for the search "book length in words" - I published it on 12/14/05; and

5. my post is no. 3 out of 77,300,000 for the search "what is isbn?" - I published it on 08/12/06.

Google Search Results for Everyday Simplicity

1. my post is no. 3 out of 30,400,000 for the search "cleaning burnt pans" - I published it on 01/11/06;

2. my post is no. 2 out of 19,200,000 for the search "tips for surviving a depression" - I published it on 11/28/08;

3. my post is no. 1 out of 1,200,000 for the search "coca cola made with sugar" - I published it on 04/10/09;

4. my post is no. 2 out of 1,480,000 for the search " becoming an ex-patriate" - I published it on 01/16/06, and if you take out the hyphen to create the word "expatriate" in the search, then the post becomes no. 2 out of 640,000;

5. my post is no. 4 out of 4,300,000 for the search "products made from petroleum" - I published it on 06/15/07.

And I did a quick check for other blogs ....

Google Search Results for Jean Jennings' Blog
(Jean's blog is dormant but it's still getting some great results for her.)

1. my post is no. 2 out of 5380 for the search "Bexar County Jury Duty," and no. 4 out of 59,200 for "San Antonio Jury Duty" ... the post was published 07/07/08 and while these aren't high volume searches, Jean gets steady traffic from a targeted group -- she's a practicing criminal defense/CPS attorney in San Antonio, Bexar County;

2. my post is no. 2 out of 3,220,000 for the search "san antonio jail visiting hours" - published 08/02/08, another targeted group for Jean's local criminal defense practice; and

3. my post is no. 6 out of 2,510,000 for the search "search warrant examples" - published 08/09/08.

Google Search Results for Judge Tom Rickhoff's Blog
(Judge Rickhoff's blog was recently reactivated after being dormant for an extended period of time)

1. my post is no. 1 out of 458,000 for the search "Not Forgotten Coalition" - published 04/25/06.

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